Rumors: 7D Mark II will have a 32MP sensor (new specs list)

Canon EOS 7d Mark II
Photoshopped 7D Mark II

Just got some new rumors from one of our readers, he has tested a new camera from Canon for 2 months,  and regarded it as the 7D Mark II.

It’s 2 month now i’m on fields with it ( i suppose it’s 7Dm2 coz Canon didnt tell me , just try and report to them )

And the specs list for this new camera:

  • APS-C
  • 32MP sensor
  • 8 fps
  • 1920 / 60fps
  • 45 AutoFocus points
  • 1 CF cards slot
  • ISO / back screen / view finder / dof button same as 5D Mark III
  • GPS ( no wifi )
  • integrated Flash
  • heavy as 5D Mark III

This specs list is different from previous rumored specs, but seems more close to current Canon EOS 7D except the 32MP sensor.

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