More Specs of Canon EOS C300 Mark III Leaked

This is the current Canon EOS C300 Mark II

Canon EOS C300 Mark III is coming! According to the latest rumors from CR2,  the next cinema camera is likely called the “Canon EOS C300 Mark III”.

Below are the rumored specifications of Canon EOS C300 Mark III :

  • Most likely will be called C300 Mk III (almost 100% confirmed)
  • The same body as the C500 Mk II and  accessories
  •  the same optical axis as the C200 and C700 cameras, so the bridge plates, shoulder mounts, and rod supports are the same
  • It sports a 4K super 35 sensor with the capability of recording 4K120 without crop in Cinema RAW Light format
  • It also has a “dual ISO” function when recording in XF-AVC
  • It has an anamorphic de-squeeze function and false-color built in for monitoring (with the C300 Mk II you had to use an external monitor with these functions)