Leica T Typ 701 Mirrorless Image, Specs, Price Leaked

Leica T typ 701

The upcoming Leica T Type 701 mirrorless camera will be officially announced on April 24, 2014. Here is first leaked image and specs of Leica T Typ 701. The price for Leica T Typ 701 with lens kit will be over $3,000.


  • Leica T tYP 701 will not be a MFT camera and it will not be based on an existing Panasonic model
  • APS-C sensor
  • Optional EVF
  • The body will be made in Germany and it will be very solid built with a special new/unique design/production process
  • The new T lenses (both primes and zooms) will be made in Asia (most likely by Panasonic in Japan).
  • Touchscreen LCD
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • A new adapter that will let you use M lenses on the T body will also be announced

via: LR

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