Hot Today’s Deals: January 8, 2022

Below are some great deals at Amazon/ B&H/ Adorama on January 8, 2022. Just take a look!

Today’s Deals at B&H

  • JOBY RangePod Smart Tripod with Ultrasone Performance 840 Headset–67% OffB&H
  • MeFOTO WalkAbout Aluminum Monopod (Gold)–58% OffB&H
  • CAD E50 Equitek Large-Diaphragm Side-Address Studio Condenser Microphone–40% OffB&H
  • Steiner 7×50 C Navigator Pro Binoculars with Compass–37% OffB&H
  • Snaptain SP300 Hand-Operated Mini Quadcopter–43% OffB&H
  • Oben TS-100 Tripod Strap with Quick Release Loop and Spring Lock–50% OffB&H 

Today’s Deals at Adorama

  • H&A Folding Electric and Acoustic Guitar Stand30% OffAdorama
  • H&A 5″ 150W Portable PA System with Bluetooth-18% OffAdorama
  • H&A Round Base Microphone Stand-32% OffAdorama
  • H&A Studio Isolation Filter (Red Composite, Metal Back)-33% OffAdorama

Today’s Deals at Amazon

  • Immunity Boosters from Garden of Life, Nature’s Bounty, Airborne and more– Up to 20% off Amazon
  • Bright Day Calendars– Up to 23% off Amazon