CPN Article: Exploring Portugal with the Canon EOS 5Ds (Video)

Canon Europe currently has posted a new article about exploring Portugal with the new announced Canon EOS 5Ds DSLR camera by Canon Explorer Joel Santos.

From Joel Santos:

I was expecting this camera to have compromises, because it has a huge sensor and you know that when you have a huge sensor you have small photo sensors and then the ability to gather light is not as good. But I was really impressed. I was expecting more trade-offs… I was expecting ‘you can have this resolution but you lose this and that and that…’ but actually on the key aspects of the camera I didn’t lose anything. So, that was good to find out.

And as for shooting high-resolution files at 5fps, Joel reveals:

I was also expecting slightly sluggish operation because it’s a lot of data to crunch – five images per second makes it about 250 million pixels [of image data] to process in just one second… so I think it’s pretty amazing that a camera can do that. I know people always expect cameras to be [fast] like racecars but this camera has a target [audience] it is aimed for and they’ve nailed it! The camera is really good and familiar [to handle] – it delivers.

Read full article at Canon Europe

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