Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 Pancake Leaked


Canonpricewatch leaked a photo of Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 Pancake lens. It looks like it has a 52mm filter thread, so this thing really is tiny!

The price of this pancake lens will about $200, not confirmed yet.

What’s a pancake lens?

Pancake lenses, those small fixed focal length lenses that barely protrude from your camera’s lens mount, are becoming increasingly common of late, and for several reasons. Most commonly based on a simple Zeiss Tessar lens design that dates back more than a hundred years, pancake lenses have come back into vogue mostly due to size—they extend an inch or less from the camera body—and weight, which on average is about three-plus ounces. When they’re mounted on a compact DSLR, Four Thirds or Micro Four Thirds camera body, you may find yourself questioning the convenience factor of point-and-shoot cameras.

Until recent years, most pancake lenses fell into the normal to slightly wide-angle range, which for most casual photographers was fine and dandy. The newest crop of pancake lenses, however, has greatly expanded on the limitations of earlier lens designs. Depending on the manufacturer, pancake lenses are now available in wide angle and short-telephoto variations, making it easier than ever to configure a camera kit that’s easy on your shoulder. They also facilitate carrying a well-stocked camera bag aboard an aircraft. Although earlier pancake lenses were only able to focus down to a less-than-intimate 18 inches from the subject, many of the newer ones can focus down to less than half that distance, making them that much more versatile.

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