• John_Skinner

    Either he rubbed his face grease all over that front element… It’s was a really bad auto focus fine tuning accident, I’m partially gone blind overnight, or, these are some of the softest images I’ve ever seen come out of an Olympic games shooter.

    As a Nikon user.. I’m floored

  • justinflood

    These look horrendous. They must be really cropped into, or the D4S is not nearly as impressive as I was hoping.

  • Phil J

    Very poor quality images there! My phone does a better job!!

    • Jacob Jexmark

      Ofc it does, I bet your phone has an optical 400 mm zoom and usable ISO 6400… ;)

  • Mark

    The photographer did not get the eyes of the Athletes in some of the images, the high iso was nice, the photography sucks, got 10+ fps and not got the eyes……….?? This is why the image appeared to be soft

  • Mark

    the photographer* sucks, my mistake

  • Gucio

    pictures taken from phone ? or pocket camera ? hmm shutter speed is way too fast he could decrease speed and lower ISO and its have very bad sharpness mayby manual settings would help shooting from 400mm cant be easy

  • neilvn

    I *love* my Nikon D4 cameras, and often take them into higher ISO settings .. which make me surprised that the 6400 ISO images here show so much artifacting. So there is something else going on here – these can’t be the actual files from the D4s.

  • Jacobus DeWet

    I have a D3s and D800 and can’t see where the D4 or D4s can add anything that will justify the cost. I would rather spend the $$ on some lenses. Does not make sense looking at these images. I am a very loyal Nikon supporter but looking at the Canon 1Dx images coming out…I am concerned.

  • Ayush

    is that not noise?

  • RPac

    Let’s hope the D4s has not only improved AF algorithms, but also an improved AF module:


  • Marcel Speta

    i just downloaded the pictures and checked the EXIF … surprisingly it was not removed. So yes, pictures has been taken by D4S , ISO 10000 lens 400/2.8
    on other picture 200-400/4
    Btw. couple taken at ISO 10000 and 400/2.8 doesn’t look bad considering the ISO…

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