• Jake

    Crap!! The 70D images even look better than the 7D!! WOW!!!

    • Steph

      I read somewhere that the 70D is using a new focusing system that the other cameras are not yet using – perhaps that is why the clarity.

      • Jake

        I know about the Dual CMOS AF system…I’m talking about the clarity. There’s extra sharpness and much lower noise compared to the 7D which i dont think has to do with the focussing system. Maybe the new sensor apart from helping focus, improves quality drastically….

    • barney klingenberg

      wow what a benchmark the 7D is outdated.
      It looks the same quality as the Nikon D7100.
      Still great increase in performance.

  • CG

    Nikon is always crisp! :)

  • Jennah Barnes

    This is because the 70D uses the latest technology and it is 4 years younger compared to the 7D.

    Steph , yes, the 70D uses the on-chip phase-detection auto-focus which makes it impressive especially in videos. Here’s a comparison review http://topcamerareviews.hubpages.com/hub/Canon-EOS-70D-Vs-7D

  • justmy2cents

    except Nikon colors do not look natural – a little overdone

  • Andy

    Seeing as the D7100 was released this year, and the 7D in 2009, it’s doing a pretty poor job in IQ and noise management really. On both RAW and JPEG fronts.

  • Ken

    will lenses from 60d work on 70d ? anybody know? has it been tried yet?

    • Cameraegg


  • Desmond

    very misleading results

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