Canon EF 50mm f/1.0 lens sample images and lens bokeh

The Canon EF 50mm f/1.0 lens was the fastest SLR lens in production before it was discontinued in 2000 and replaced with the 50mm f/1.2. This lens retail price was $4,21o, and there aren’t too many copies of this lens floating around on the used market, you may Read More »

Nikon D4 used by Usain Bolt for sale

Do you still remember the Nikon D4 used by Usain Bolt at London 2012 Olympics games? Now this D4 is available for sale at ebay.

Current price is $6,000, you can see it here.

Exclusive: Sportbladet is auctioning off the famous camera Usain Bolt used during the Olympics.
It was right after Usain Bolt, one of the world’s greatest athletes – and the fastest man in the world – had finished the 200 meter finals that the Sportbladet photographer Jimmy Wixtröm lent him his camera.
As seen in the pictures that since have traveled the world, Bolt first immortalized his compatriot Yohan Blake and then turned the lens towards the gigantic crowd.
After he was done with taking photos, Bolt carved his name on the camera with a screwdriver – and thus made it unique.

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Nikon D4 $5,999.00 Amazon | B&H
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Where to Buy Cheapest Nikon D600 Deals Online ?


Nikon D600 is an entry-level full frame DSLR released in 2012. With the cheap price and full frame sensor, it become one of the most popular DSLRs in the world.

After Nikon released D600, Canon also released the EOS 6D.

So today, we are going to showing you where to buy Nikon D600 online for the lowest price.

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