• Cosmo Krammmer

    The 6D has 1/8000 shutter, no?

    • Alwyn

      1/4000 unfortunately. I would have preferred 1/8000. Also max flash sync speed is 200 for the Nikon and 180 for the Canon.

  • LDM

    I will get excited when they manage all of this with an articulating screen on a full frame camera. Very disappointed that neither camera giant could see the advantage of this, even if it took away from the weather resistant feature. It really comes in handy alot of times on the point and shoot canon’s I’ve owned and enabled me to get some awesome shots that I otherwise would not have been able to get.

    • Alwyn

      So you would forego weatherproofing for a swivel screen? I prefer the weatherproofing thank you. I’m more concerned with my camera surviving a splash or a couple of raindrops than some screen that allows me to take pictures of pretty little flowers from odd angles

  • tom

    Nikon D600 was suppose to be $100 more then the Canon 6D?

  • dp

    I’m glad neither has an articulating screen that just looks cheap. I mean I doubt I’d buy either of these anyway. I’m not a fan of smaller cameras. Def interesting though

  • Photo-dude

    You dont need an articulating screen when ur iOS or Android device you most likely own could serve as a completely mobile screen/remote

  • Alwyn

    Here in South Africa the Nikon D600 is priced at R23 000 whilst the Canon 6d will be priced at R19 500. I would have expected both to be around R18 000. I think Nikon is taking a fat chance by pricing the D600 that much above the Canon 6d

  • Vans

    Nice oil on your sensors, Nikon!

  • Viktor

    I didn’t know that my Canon 6D is touchscreen LMAO that is what I hate all this review – paper to paper… It’s all about photographers and they skills to use a cam. Not all the extras and focus points if you know how to frame a picture.

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